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Last updated: October 21st 2016
We’ve had a slight snag with the last rub one out videos update in which Mia toys with her pussy in front of you. Seems that the excellent video was only half uploaded, leaving everyone stumped halfway through the video. Well rest assured that rub one out is to going to just leave it at that. So for today we bring you the full video plus some extras of this kinky amateur blonde that didn’t make it in the original cut. Again sorry everyone, but you’ll still get to enjoy her even more so this time!

Well it’s no point explaining what she did since we explained in the last update, but one thing’s for sure, you just have to see the extras. The video was a bit long so some of her naughty routine had to be left out. We intended to scrap it , but hey this was the perfect opportunity to show that off too. Watch the luscious blonde continue to fuck her pussy and dirty talk, and enjoy the extra scenes that were cut out. Like always you know we aim to please and we’re not about to break our promises now. Until next time have fun with it and see you soon. Bye bye!

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Rub one out video – Naughty at work

In this rub one out video update, the super sexy and luscious blonde Mia is getting all naughty and dirty at work. For this scene she’s doing some role-play that she’s sure you’ll enjoy. You are suppose to be the big boss, and her your faithful secretary that’s out to satisfy just about your every whim. Well for today she’s about to change the deal, as for this one you have to only sit, watch and masturbate to her having fun with her body while she tells you naughty things. She gets undressed and pulls out her striped glass dildo, climbing onto the desk. And as she starts massaging her body, her slutty little mind is full at work uttering all kinds of dirty words from her mouth. So sit back and jerk off at the sight of her fucking her pussy with her toy, giving you instructions while she’s going faster and harder on her pussy. If you are looking for similar videos and galleries, check out blog.


I Love Being Naughty

Just like the title in this rub one out update, this hot blonde just loves getting naughty and perverted in front of you and the camera. You know her, since she’s already been here before. It’s none other than the sexy and alluring Katie K, so watch her do her thing, cause she is very skilled, just like sexy Naughty Allie! It’s her third time here, and by now she’s pretty much got a handle on things. Well not that she needed to since you know why you like her so much. For this one the luscious blonde was dressed up in a short skirt and t-shirt and she sais to you straight from the beginning that she’s now wearing anything underneath, after which she promptly gets to removing her clothing to reveal that hot body you all love.

She then lays herself down on the floor with the full attention of the camera and we’re sure that yours too, spreading open her legs to grant you a close up view of her pink wet pussy. She’s just about to start fingering her wet and eager pussy, but not before she massages her perky breasts and sexy curves to taunt you just a bit more. As soon as her fingers penetrate her pussy, she’s asking you to go faster and harder on your cock as she does the same right in front of you. And just like the title says for this rub one out video gallery update, this blonde woman just loves being naughty and talking dirty. See you soon everyone, until then visit website if you’re looking for similar galleries!


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You should rub one out – On my tits

Today’s super hot model thinks that you should rub one out on her tits and blast your load on her. Her name is Mia and she knows how to turn a guy on she is definitely one of the hottest blonde teens from the internet. She sais that she has a special routine for dealing with guys. She claims it never fails to start off a great session of fucking and today she’s putting it on camera for your viewing pleasure. She’s a real master of dirty talking and she’s not afraid to be daring in her explicit conversation as you’ll see. She likes to start the thing off by getting all naked and placing herself on the bed looking you straight in the eyes, and asking you if you like what you see and if you’d like to get to have it, while she’s playing around with her perky round breasts and her body. Listen to her enticing you to jerk off and blow your load on her tits in this update. If you wanna see another beautiful babe massaging her perfect round tits, check out the blog and see beautiful Mandy getting wet and wild!


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Jess West – Cum with me

Jess West is today’s poster lady for our rub one out weekly update. This sensual brunette will blow you away with her natural talent at being a jerking off coach. And she wants to use her skills today to help you relieve yourself and her. She said that the other women don’t understand what makes her so special in the eyes of guys, but she’s not willing to share her secret with them. It consists of having a dirty little mind while also putting to practice what she imagines. And today she’s showing her special recipe for keeping guys interested in her, by using her imagination and toys.

She said that like most guys get bored after the same sex sessions, she was kind of forced to keep her men loyal to her somehow. And she achieved this with her naughty little games. Like the chicks from celebmatrix galleries she undresses but not completely keeping some items of clothing on , like her socks or tank top while she starts having fun with her pussy fucking herself with a toy in front of the guys. And they seem to enjoy this, as she gives them a great view of the toy penetrating her while she’s talking dirty with them saying all kinds of naughty things. And if that didn’t spark your interest too nothing will. So watch her do her thing in this rub one out update just for you. We’ll see you next week with another update like always. Enjoy guys!


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Rub One Out – I’ll Suck Your Dick

Hey guys it’s time for another rub one out video today. And we have another hot teen blonde that’s ready to expose her skills on camera and for you today. It’s her first time doing this but we can tell you that she’s a natural at this kinds of things. Bringing along her sex toy, she was all prepped and ready to get things started. As soon as the cameras started rolling she did her thing, talking dirty while undressing and laying on the bed. For the start she wants you to go slow and watch her as she’s playing around with her superb body in front of you for some extra encouragement. And what a sight she offers as she spreads her legs to let you get a better look at her pink pussy while she’s massaging her perky breasts.

Afterwards, she takes her toy and now she’s telling you that she’ll show you how she’d suck your cock, while continuing to play with the rest of her body. She is turned on herself and she can’t just let that pass in this rub one out session. So watch her sucking on that toy deeply as she pleases her pussy with her fingers, knowing that she has your undivided attention now. And now it’s time for her to plant that toy in her pussy and show you how she likes to take it when being fucked. She’s quite imaginative wouldn’t you agree? Hear her as she’s asking you to do her faster and harder while you’re jerking off to her. Great update, and we have many more from where that acme from. Enjoy guys and if you liked this update check out ugotitflauntit website and enjoy watching other sexy babes getting naked and posing sexy in front of the camera.


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Lucy Alexandra Bare Upskirt

Like we promised rub one out returns this week as well. And as we promised you a special treat, we’re here to deliver. The treat itself is named Lucy Alexandra and she’s a really naughty and dirty minded woman. And today she’s here on your screens to show off her womanly goods, and jerking off instruction skills. She’s sporting a short skirt and she soon reveals that she’s wearing nothing underneath only her puffy pussy. We forgot to mention that she also brought along her toy for a more explicit demonstration. So without further due, sit back and enjoy this blonde hottie doing her stuff. Watch her as she shows off her juicy pussy for the camera while she’s talking dirty and encouraging you to jerk off to her. Like always we hope you enjoy, and see you next time with more. Until then, have fun with this one. Bye bye guys!


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Rub One Out – With Katie K

Katie K returns today in our rub one out galleries. It’s her second time here and she was happy to do an encore for you guys. She didn’t expect such a positive response, and she wanted to reward you somehow. So she came back to shoot another rub one out video just for you. And she told us before hand that for this one she’s be going one step further. She really wanted to try and make you cum along with her by the end of the video. So let’s see what this slutty little blonde has in mind for today.

Right from the beginning she takes off her bra and panties, and pulls up her skirt while taking her spot on the leather sofa. And then she spreads her legs wide open, while also telling you how things are going to get down. This time the blonde hottie will be joining you in the session but she wants you to cum at the same time she does, so don’t disappoint. Listen to her talking dirty while she’s fucking her pussy and be sure to keep up. that’s about it, we’ll let you see the rest. And we’ll also be seeing you with the next update. Until then bye guys and enjoy. Oh and we have a treat for you next time. So bye bye, and see you soon. Check out website and find similar videos!


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Wank For Me – Natalia Forrest

This week we bring you one awesome rub one out video for you to enjoy. We had one hot lady with us to shoot our jerk off instruction video and we couldn’t wait for the moment to share this with you. Her name is Natalia Forrest, and she’s one sexy teen lady. So watch her making her entry as she starts off by telling you how things will go down today. And she then undresses taking off her clothes to reveal her sexy curves, on her perfect body. She then takes her seat on the chair and continues her dirty talk just for your ears, simulating like she was stroking a cock, and telling you to jerk off for her. So without further due, enjoy her explanations on hot you should rub your dick in this video. Like always we’ll see you next time with more updates. see you next time guys! Don’t forget that you can find similar galleries inside the website. Enjoy!


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Rub One Out – Humiliating Bitch

Hey guys, today Rub One Out returns again with more enticing and hot lady putting on a show just for you. Today’s blonde is named Maria and she’s about to give you the jerk off instruction of your life. She told us that she’s usually really dominant even in bed, just like Proxy Paige,  and she enjoys teasing guys allot. She also said that she normally does some joi sessions with the guys she’s with just to get them under her heel. She just loves the feeling she gets when she sees a man obeying her every command. And with that she came here today to show off her dominatrix talent to you.

She took off every item of clothing she had on her except her garters and thigh high pantyhose. Oh and she also brought her toy along for this Rub One Out shoot as she said she wants to give her viewers some visual aid. So taking it out, she inserts it in her pussy, while she also starts talking dirty and asking you if you like what you see. And she continues to do this, fucking herself faster and harder while she keeps teasing you and saying naughty things. We hope you enjoy her and be sure we’ll have more in the next update. Until then, if you can’t wait so long, check out blog and find similar content!


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